ISG writing exercises – the only exercises I do ;)

In the greatest writing group ever – the Ink Slingers Guild – we do exercises at each meeting. These exercises consist of the following: several members pick words, and then we all have 5-8 minutes to write whatever magycal stuff comes to mind. The results are invariably entertaining and awesome.

This is what yours truly, DragonBeck, wrote this week (5 Feb 2015), enjoy!

#1: Dynamic, practical, bills,

Staring at the pile of bills, she sighed. It wasn’t going to go away, even if she put her hands over her eyes like a child. You can’t see me if I can’t see you, she thought to herself. Picking up the first paper she looked at it for half a second and tossed it away. The same happened to the next and the next, and the next dozen after that. It was not a practical way to get the bills paid, but it made her feel good. Then she saw the one that was due to be dismissed next and she went pale. The details were written on thick parchment, in glittering ink, by a hand that took great pleasure in dynamic swirls and flourishes. “In return for the aid of, blah, blah, first born child, blah, blah, first full moon after the first name day…” she trailed off, her hand unconsciously crushing the paper, and looked towards the nursery door.

#2: Burp, monster, digesting,

Nelf hugged the wall, holding his breath. The monster grumbled and slithered somewhere in the maze behind him. Half eaten corpses littered the passages, the beast’s saliva digesting the flesh in preparation for its first stomach. Not two steps away was what looked like a cow, but it was so bloated and torn up it could have been a mutant cat, oozing maggots and green slime. Nelf tried to keep the bile from rising. He managed, but a small burp bubbled up from his own churning stomach. Immediately the grunting and snuffling charged in his direction, the scraping of claws on the stone painful to Nelf’s ears. He started running, no longer trying to remain quiet. If only he could find the chalk marks, he could find the exit and get the hell out of here. Although what waited for him without the maze was no more appetizing than what was inside the maze with him. Still, Nelf felt a little more confident at being able to deal with a few more or less human monsters than whatever-it-was-called trying to spew him with acidic saliva right now. He rounded the corner and found himself face to face with a second one, the chalk marks leading into the passage behind its bulk.