DragonBeck *Ria’s Mark* Release Party

Ria’s Mark, book two of the Guardians of the Path series, was published on 27 May 2016.

Naturally, there had to be a party to celebrate.

It was a very nice affair, and, not going to lie, much less stressful than the first one, probably because I almost knew what I was doing this time!

We had two posters this time, and pretty gold and green decorations:

decorations 1

I got flowers!

Flowers 3   flowers 4

(Thank you Zhenya and Alexey, and Bonnie! I ❤ you)

And presents!


(Truth on a magnet.)


(A fabulous pen made the writer in me swoon.)

dragon 6

(The worlds cutest dragon.)

Awesome people, friends, and fans were in attendance (with the pile of presents bestowed upon me on this occasion):


Including a wonderful and delicious cake, made by my friend Amanda, featuring the cover of Ria’s Mark:

IMG_0044  IMG_0040

Guests were encouraged to enter the raffle, featuring Guardians (Gargoyles Den Book One) by Lisa Barry, and Klauden’s Ring (Klauden’s Ring Saga Book 1) by JM Paquette, and to give story starters for Stories My Friends Started (we got so many; look for the stories coming soon!):


There were several readings (by yours truly this time!) of some of the Stories My Friends Started which I wrote:

Reading IMG_20160605_093312

More or less on time, Lisa Barry of Witching Hour Publishing gave a toast:

IMG_0013  IMG_0014

Then my friend and fellow author, Erika Lance, wanted to say a few words:

Erika toast

(I’m pretty sure this picture sums up our entire relationship ❤ )

And then the author herself was encouraged to say a few words, which she did, off the cuff, and wasn’t bad. The gist of the speech was “This endeavor was a lot of fun, thank you for being here to help me celebrate, and I hope to see you for the next one!”:


Then there was the raffle drawing (congrats to Lea and Lucy, who won), and cake, because really, what is a party without cake (with Ria’s Mark itself done on the top in strawberries):

IMG_0030  IMG_20160604_133353

All in all, it was an immensely satisfying event, and everyone had a lot of fun. I would like to give a big thank you to Lisa and Court at Witching Hour for all the hard work they put into making Ria’s Mark happen – I am incredibly thankful for you guys, and literally couldn’t do it without you.

Thanks also are due to my parents and my sister, for their support, and their help setting up the party: cleaning, decorations, food, and photos.

And thank you once again to everyone who made the time to come, show interest in and support for my artistic endeavor; it would be a rather sad and pointless affair writing a book which no one read, and I truly appreciate it – you guys rock (when I’m throwing release parties in exotic places like New York, L.A., or London, you guys are getting plant tickets and VIP seats)!!


(My favorite photo from the evening – I don’t believe I’ve been photobombed before, and with my book to boot, so that’s a first – thanks Rob.)

You can purchase your copies of the Guardians of the Path book one First Magyc and book two Ria’s Mark in ebook or print-on-demand on amazon. Enjoy, don’t forget to leave me a review, and I hope to see you down the road in the not-too-distant-future!

❤ DragonBeck



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