The Cypher

And the final exercise for the fortnight. Alanna’s story and my story went hand in glove for this one – and while we were sitting next to each other, I swear I wasn’t peeking! 🙂

When she posts hers, I’ll update this with a link so you can find out what happened on the other side….



cockroach, cat, thesaurus

the cockroach scurried across the room, and the cat, who had been napping peacefully at the edge of the desk took a spectacular flying leap into the air, sending all his papers into the air after it. Tom jumped up, hair wild and eyes bloodshot from too much strong coffee and not enough sleep. Crawling around on his knees, he gathered the scattered papers, trying to remember what order they were supposed to be in. There was the one-hundred-and-forty-ninth page of the thesaurus, but did it come before the handwritten recipe for his grandmothers blueberry cornbread or after the newspaper clipping detailing the last bank robbery of the famous outlaw Jim Bones? Tom looked between the pieces of paper, struggling to remember the instruction of the cypher. His hands started to shake and his vision was blurring, from lack of rest or tears, he couldn’t be sure, but he was becoming increasing certain of one thing: if he didn’t figure it out before the next new moon, Daisy would be trapped in that other-realm forever.


❤ DragonBeck


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