Back to Faerie

Hello all! This is the first writing exercise from the last Ink Slingers Guild meeting.

There’s something very appealing about juxtaposing everyday objects (like bathtubs) with something you don’t see every day (like faeries).

Fingers, faerie, bathtub,

“What is that?” Tipsy wrinkled his nose as he peered into the small washroom.
The smell assaulted him like a hammer swung by a troll, and his bright blue eyes
began to smart and water. “Lindy, are you in there?”
“Don’t touch anything!” a flustered screech greeted him, and then Lindy’s small
frame came rushing through the colored smoke, clearing enough of a path so that
he could see the bathtub, which was filled with a red liquid that looked
horribly like watery blood.
“What is that?” Tipsy repeated.
Lindy glanced over her shoulder, and shrugged. “Strawberry juice.”
“Oh. Why is it in there?”
“Because that’s what the spell book said,” Lindy announced, and marched past
him, peeling off her long leather gloves. Her fingers were raw and burned.
Large, white blisters covered her right palm.
“You shouldn’t be touching that,” Tipsy said, following her and waving his
hands, though she couldn’t see her distress. “You don’t know the first thing
about spellwork.”
At this, she rounded on him, and he realized he should have chosen his words
more carefully. He quailed under her hot glare.
“I may not know anything about spellwork, but at least I’m trying! While you’re
off trying to become human, I’m here trying to get us back to faerie, where we
belong!” Somewhere during her tirade, tears had leaked out of the corner of her
eyes, and as Tipsy was trying to come up with something that would make the
tears disappear, the bathtub gave an ominous gurgle.

So tell me, what are you reading? What are you writing? Any recommendations?

❤ DragonBeck


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