The Oldest Tomes

This one I was very pleased with – I think this could go somewhere cool.

policy, calendar, cube

The glowing cube hung in midair, shooting off random beams of colored lights. The three hooded figured were bathed in the unearthly light, though their faces remained hidden in shadow. As one, they raised their arms high and began to chant, and the cube responded to the sound. It spun, faster and faster. The beams of light became a blur, and then a grid. Points of light resolved into a map of stars and a celestial calendar appeared. The chant increased to a constant hum, and the cube stopped moving. It dropped to the ground with a discordant bang, and the chamber was thrown into darkness.

A single candle was lit, and the flickers of the flame threw dancing shadows onto the bearers face, making him look older and more careworn than he ordinarily was. His two companions removed their hoods, and they gazed wordlessly at each other.

“You saw it too?” the first finally spoke, hoping he misread the horror in their eyes. When both nodded, he sighed, and rubbed his chin.

“You know what the scripts say,” the second – a woman – said. “We cannot contravene the policies of our forebears.”

“That is not what the oldest tomes say,” the first countered, his voice soft with reluctance.


Let me know if you’d like to read more – I’m considering making this the start of my Ink Slingers Guild anthology story this year!

❤ DragonBeck

P.S. For a fun collection of short stories (mine has dragons and ancient flying contraptions), you can get the latest anthology here!


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