A Piece of Always

We just did one exercise at the first meeting of 2019, so we had some more words and more time – Enjoy!


table, bridge, effervescent, reality, time, particle,

Helden stood on the bridge, looking down at the effervescent water frothing below him. Cosmic thoughts weighed heavy on his mind, thoughts that tried to mold the factors of time, reality, and chance into a solution that would not end in darkness for all. A presences at his elbow drew his attention, and he looked into the bright eyes of Prince Beron. The boy was small for his age, and pale. His mother kept him locked inside, fear for her frail son restricting the very things which might allow him to become stronger – sunlight, fresh air, and physical activity.

“What troubles you, Master?” Beron asked, showing the mental acuteness and attention to detail that would make him a great king one day, if not for his older brother.

Helden smoothed his face into a benevolent smile.

“Nothing, my Prince,” he said. “Just the slow thoughts of an old man.”

Beron gazed at him, his expression showing his disbelief and displeasure at the lie.

“You are not an old man,” the prince said. “Age has little to do with years of your life, and more to do with the life in your years.”

Helden started. “Where did you hear that?”

“I read it in a book,” Beron said, and leaned over the end of the stone rampart, smiling with delight at the stream below.

Helden snatched at the thoughts as they flitted in random patterns, disturbed by the boy’s words.

“What book is that?” Helden probed further.

“It was in an ancient language,” Beron said, and smiled proudly. “The librarian helped me find a table of linguistics to translate it, and the title is A Particle Of Ever. A strange name, but I find things always seem stranger when you look back on them.”

Again, Helden marveled at the precocious prince, and the fate that would keep him from becoming the man he should be. Except if that book was truly what Helden suspected it might be. The more he thought about it, the more he was certain it must be.

“What is it, Master?” Beron asked.

“That is not the correct translation,” Helden murmured, his thoughts at once darker and yet more hopeful. “The book is called A Piece of Always, and I think I need to see it right away.”


❤ DragonBeck


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