Guardians of the Path Update

Greetings good people of Earth!

I come in peace.

And I come with tidings of Demona and the Guardians of the Path.

The adventures are continuing (I promise). I have been trudging along, and a few bandit attacks, coffee shortages, and a few more Other World inconveniences has delayed this writer a bit. But fear not, the Guardians adventure has only been delayed, not thwarted!

I think that you’re really going to enjoy Book 6: the Sorcerer, if how much I’ve enjoyed writing it is any indication. The story lines of the assassin, the Witch, and the princess are great fun to explore, and the Guardians are doing the best they can in the Wasteland. Death’s adherence to His Mandate gets tested further, and there will be a surprise appearance from a historical figure of note…I’ll let you guess who it is.

And I have another exciting update:

In addition to book 6, which should be available at the end of the summer, you can look forward to a short story and a novella set in this wonderful world of the Path, which will be published later this year. If the gods are truly beaming on us, you might even see two novellas! However, as gods are not prone to beaming, I cannot be held accountable if the second doesn’t materialize – so no beheadings or public riots.

As the final piece of news – right now, the first 5 books in the series are available for free in the KindleUnlimited program, so if you have a subscription, check it out!

In the near future, the Cover Reveal for book 6 will be coming soon, as well as some sneak peaks and giveaways!

More soon!

❤ DragonBeck



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