Updates (That’s My Excuse And I’m Sticking To It)

Hey guys!

Okay, not really an excuse, more like an explanation of the current state of affairs of things and sundries.

So, this:

This would be the aforementioned blog post.

Yes, book 6 is in edits (rewrites to be more exact). Life became more exciting over the past year, and as I mentioned it is nothing dire, but I have just not had as much time and attention to devote to my writing as I thought I would have. I am not sure when the next book will be released at this point, but I am working on it when and where I am able.

In happier news, I am loving the substance of book 6 (The Sorcerer), if not the release timeline (cue Douglas Adams – “I love deadlines. I love the whooshing sound they make as they go by.”). As the Guardians’ tale progresses, it becomes more epic and complex, and we begin to see how the “supporting” characters’ stories weave in more than a little. We learn more about Death’s involvement in the little crisis Ria has to handle (or does she?), and the persona of the Singer of the Grey Song becomes clearer (sort of). Also – dragons.

And that’s all I can say for the time being.

On a different (more exciting) note – you can look forward to a fantastic set of short stories by the Ink Slingers Guild (including yours truly) in October of this year!

My contribution is called “Magyc and Mayhem at Winter’s Eve” and if you can’t already tell from the spelling, it’s set in Demona, the world of Guardians of the Path:

All Tillie Harper wanted to do was win the green ribbon for her pumpkins at this years Winter’s Eve festival. She had dreamed of this day all summer, while tending, watering, and pruning her vines to produce the best specimen of vegetable for at least four leagues. In none of her dreams had she planned do anything like set a demon on the people of the town of Lillihaven.

We also have a fantastic round-robin ghost story, which is E-P-I-C!! I was lucky enough to start the story, with this little piece of (totally accurate and verified) supernatural lore (you’ll see what I did there):


“To think this is the only realm or plane of existence is a delusion of the highest order. Doors and Cracks into other worlds and dimensions have been known of, sought after, and protected against for centuries (in such devices as the festival of Samhain of the Celts, séances, the Nine Realms of Norse mythology, and the Multiverse Theory of modern science, to name but a few.

One of the most common signs of other planes of existence is the existence of wights (commonly referred to as ghosts or spooks), and the realm of the dead was one of the first of additional realms to be definitively charted. As far as can be ascertained, though many names are in existence to describe this place – Domus Haidu (Greek), Duat (Egypt), Mictlán (Aztec) and the myriad of others – they appear to be the same place.

To date, ten distinct species of wights have been identified (the eleventh is under some dispute regarding the necessity for a separate classification):

Spirit – completely defined form reflecting that of their living person, possessing the power of speech, and the ability to interact with the living; also revenant.

Screamers – defined form, and vocal abilities, though they lack the power of articulate communication.

Floaters – defined form, and no vocal abilities.

Wraiths – they have some form, but little to no feature, most commonly seen as a ball of light or mist; also specter, phantom, and eidolon (formal).

Morphe – any ghost who possess the ability to change forms change its features at will, including the ability to possess the body of a living person.

Ekto – any ghost that discharges (or causes discharges) of ectoplasm.

Poltergeist (rare) – a wight with the ability to influence the material universe.

Faunaghast (rare): a spirit or wraith in animal form.

Ghoul (rare) – a ghost that feeds or sustains itself on the lifeforce of the living.

Faeghast (rare) – any fae creature (vampire, elf, chimera, etc.) can leave behind an impression on this world.

Amalgam – any ghost with characteristics of multiple species of wight. For example a Faeghast that discharges ectoplasm, or a ghoul with powers of speech.”

Excerpted from the third volume of The Complete Works On The Paranormal and Magical Fields and Vocations by Professor Horace Winchester III.


It was great fun coming up with a world, the characters, and an inciting incident, and then seeing where the other Ink Slingers took it! I’m really looking forward to hearing what you think. I might even be inclined to send Dr. Lysander on some additional supernatural adventures, but we’ll have to wait and see.

And feast your eyes on that magnificent cover:



If you would like to support this amazing group of indie authors, it’s available for presale here: The Ink Slingers Guild presents Dark Legends.

Happy reading!

❤ ❤ ❤ DragonBeck

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