“His Pout Is A Crystal Gift”

The Ink Slingers Guild do a fun writing exercise every fortnight to improve our wordsmithing – it takes about 4-8 minutes per round, and gets the creative juices flowing and limbers up the mental mechanisms in charge of word play. Sometimes, it becomes a game to get all the words in the first sentence, but the result can be a little ridiculous.

pout, crystal, gift (my word), 

“What’s the password?” the voice hissed from behind the tiny hole in the door.

“His pout is a crystal gift,” Taden whispered, cringing even though no one was around to hear him utter that ridiculous phrase.

The whole thing was absolutely unnecessary to the point of being paranoid, but Aurelion wouldn’t let him in if he didn’t play along. There was a click and the hole disappeared, but then the door opened.

“Quickly, quickly,” the voice urged him, and Taden had to speed his last step before his heels got closed in the door.

Inside the room was dim, and he squinted around. “Aurelion?” he asked.

“Don’t say that name,” the voice said sharply.

“What’s wrong with your voice?” Taden said, fighting the urge to roll his eyes.

“It’s just a precaution.”

“So it is you then,” Taden said. “That’s a relief. What if you were an impostor?”

A long silence told him Aurelion was taking his question very seriously, and Taden sighed. “It was a joke,” he said.

“This is not a joking matter,” Aurelion said. “Do you have the final ingredient?”

“Of course,” Taden said, and held out the small sack filled dirt.

It was snatched out of his hand and then the vague figure that was Aurelion scurried into the back room. Taden followed, and choked on the acidic fumes coming from the bubbling cauldron in the center of the room.


❤ DragonBeck