The Guardians of the Path series

Book Two: Ria’s Mark

ria's mark




The Guardians quest to recover the pieces of the Amber Torch continues in part two of the series. The Guardians, along with their newfound friends, the princess of Ghor, the assassin of Spyne and the Witch of Lii flee from the mysterious Men in White. As they make for the Sister Cities with Ria, the girl from the other world, they meet Llaem Bli, a Maker of Marks. He helps them, but with every step the Guardians take, they are less certain about Ria true identity and her part to play in saving their world. With more questions, the Guardians search for answers and a way to restore the Amber Torch before it is too late.



The Guardians of the Path Series

Book One: First Magyc



The Path is fading, and the music of Life is vanishing. Cedar and his fellow Guardians have been entrusted for centuries to protect the Path, the very force of Life itself. An accident traps Cedar between his home and another world devoid of magyc–but not of music. He is found by Ria, a mysterious girl who holds the key to returning him home. With little choice Cedar uses First Magyc, Blood Magyc, to save himself, and finds himself the unlikely caretaker of the very girl who might fulfill an ancient Prophecy and restore the Guardians to their former station as honored heroes. Unwittingly lured into Demona, a world of magyc and music, Ria struggles to understand her own growing abilities even as she is drawn into an ages old conflict between Human and Demon.

But sometimes, the difference between the two isn’t so easy to see.

Click here to see the map of Demona!



Short Stories

bent Horizons


In “Blood Oath”, a secret organization attempts to recruit young men and women to fight an ancient war. When Shan is contacted by agents from Unit X, she is drawn into a world of intrigue and magic. But the more Shan learns, the more she realizes that one person’s truth is someone else’s lie, and in Unit X, even the secrets have secrets.

Bent Horizons – Get it here!





My story is “The Huntsman’s Sword”, in which a man who is more than he knows protects his world from Shadows with a Sword passed to him by his father.

On the VergeGet it here!





I wrote “Starborn”, in which a group of elves cross a treacherous forest, “Adopt-A-Friend”, in which a little girl is treated to an unusual family tradition on her birthday, and “Guest Lecturer”, in which a student with a secret meets his namesake, the man who invented wands.

Behind the VeilGet it here!





I would like to preface this with I have nothing personally against people named Jimmy, though it is very fun to author their literary demise. My stories are called “A Deal with Death”, in which Jimmy attempts to scrape a few more years together to save his sister, “Finding Magic” in which an overworked doctor encounters something unexpected aboard the ship she is on, and “Spring Came Late” in which evil things threaten a world protected by dwindling stores of harvested magic.

The Death of JimmyGet it here for FREE!





“The Heart of Ballion”, A refugee world for people persecuted by the Overlord is threatened when Blackfire Riders appear and it’s up to two sorcerers to stop them.

Into the AbyssGet it here!





Here you will find the first part of my novel series “The Guardians of the Path” in which Ria and Cedar Jal meet.

Beyond the ThresholdGet it here!


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