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So Much News…

Having gone radio dark for a month (all in the name of science), here are the updates I promised regarding the world of the Guardians of the Path and other fantastic realms:

I spent a couple weeks going over Book 1, First Magyc, and I am happy to announce that the second edition is now available on Amazon. I cleaned it up a bit, tightened things here and there, and stretched them out in other places. I added a bit to the epilogue, which I enjoyed and I hope you do to. I recently read The Last Gunslinger (Dark Tower, book I) and if Steven King can do a second edition of book one (right around the time the fourth book of that series was being released, if memory serves), I feel that gives me licence to do the same.

Book 4, The Other World, is up for presale (that announcement has been burning a hole in my pocket, but in the name of science, I couldn’t break my month-long abstinence).

I drew yet another map. It is a marvelous map that shows the rest of the Guardians of the Path series on one (rather large) sheet of paper. I did it in pretty colors, and right now it exists in three places: on my computer, on my wall, and on the phone of the person who was kind enough to help me transport the map into the digital realm (Though I’ve thought about asking them to delete it, I have no hope of getting them to do so – I have a sneaking suspicion they would just give me a look and whisper “it’s in the cloud”). I am not sure if I will release this map, or put it in a book. Perhaps in the tenth book. In any event, I am very proud of it, and it helped me get my thoughts in order for the next six books, and I hope, make the writing smooth and steady.

On that note, book 5 Wasteland, is coming along. The first draft is well begun (which, contrary to Aristotle, is not quite the same as half done, at least when talking about a novel). The tale becomes somewhat more complex during book 4, so I am hoping that book 5 will be released mid next year.

I have also been reading the Pendragon series (also ten books). It is an amazing story, and I am about halfway through – I’ve procured the last five books from the library, and trying not to devour them in place of sleep.

The Ink Slingers Guild has been busy as usual – we have three anthologies coming out between now and sometime in the near future – Super Useless, wherein superpowers that aren’t exactly super are discussed in chunks of 2,500 words or less, and The Purge of Jimmy, which is the sequel to The Death of Jimmy (available on Amazon Kindle for just 99¢), wherein more Jimmys (or is that Jimmies?) die and at least one loose end is tied up, and finally (the big one): the annual ISG anthology, my contribution to which is called “The Writer’s Trial” – a fun little piece about writers, devils, and talking cats that I wrote several years ago, and by several years, I mean over a decade. It shall see the light of day towards the end of the year.

Several other members of ISG are getting ready to publish novels, most imminently Alanna J. Rubin with Second Chances (a fun sci-fi, Jane Austen romance adventure mash-up), J. M. Paquette with her second novel Solyn’s Body (sequel to Klauden’s Ring)and Lisa Barry, with her second novel in the Gargoyles Den series, titled Rogue.

Our fantastic writing group will be making an appearance at MegaCon in Tampa Bay at the end of this month. Come find us in Artists’ Alley – we’re very friendly and entertaining, and more than happy to sign books, answer all manner of questions, and pose for pictures. I will be there on Sunday the 1st of October, most likely wearing a dragon shirt, or a Supernatural shirt.

Whew! That is a lot of activity. I’ll need another break after all that. Just kidding, a writer never gets a break. No rest for the wicked!

❤ ❤ ❤ DragonBeck

New Year’s Resolutions, 2017

So here we are yet again, at the birth of another year, and as it is our goals and dreams which pull us along through continuum of time, I shall endeavor to set forth mine for 2017.

I will, of course, carry over anything which I failed to get done in 2016, but I’m going to be more concise this year, as I want to have some time left to actually go out and do these things, not just write them down.

So, here goes:

  1. Write. A lot.
  2. Read. Not quite as much as I write, but at least some.
  3. Keep Erika happy with my quota of Stories My Friends Started (if you’d like to help me with this particular resolution, go to, and give us a sentence to start!)
  4. Write/publish stories in the much-anticipated sequel to The Death of Jimmy – The Purge of Jimmy (coming soon).
  5. Write/publish stories in Super Useless (coming sooner).
  6. Get my 2017 anthology in on time and within the specified word count.
  7. Publish Book IV of the Guardians of the Path series.
  8. Write first draft of Book V of GOTP (and dare to hope it will be published at the end of the year).
  9. Write a novella series (or two).
  10. Savor the coffee. Let the Force flow through me…
  11. Spend lots of time with my family.
  12. Spend lots of time with my amazing companions in the Ink Slingers Guild, drinking tea, laughing, and being awesome.
  13. Be awesome in general.
  14. Spread the awesomeness.
  15. Bake yummy things.
  16. Make some good memories.
  17. Do something that I haven’t done before.
  18. Go somewhere new.
  19. Don’t spend too much time on the internet (very important).
  20. Find that dragon, and travel the world a-dragonback (from 2016).
  21. Take over the world (also from 2016).

And there you have it. Now it’s on the internet, and I can be held accountable for it come the end of the year. I doubt that will stave off the procrastination – alas, it is in the ink which flows through my veins 😉

I do wish you all a very happy, happy year in which you flourish and prosper beyond your dreams! I look forward to sharing it with you!

❤ ❤ ❤ DragonBeck

A look at 2016…

While 2017 is loading, I’m going to take a moment to have at 2016, and what I said I would get done (as delineated in my New Year’s Resolutions blog post):

1. Take over the world. (This is in progress, will update later, because you know what they say: if I told you…)

2. Smile a lot. ✓

3. Drink lots of coffee. ✓

4. Publish a novel. ✓ (and ✓ – I published two, Ria’s Mark and Omens, available on Amazon.)
GOTP_FirstMagyc_eBook_Final_Sm ria's mark omens_ebk_sm-2

5. Get my ISG anthology story in by the deadline. ✓

6. Write some Stories My Friends Started. ✓ (and you can read them here.)

7. Maybe publish two novels. ✓ (…what I said back there.)

8. Find and tame a dragon. (also I/P)

9. Travel the world a-dragonback. (See #8.)

10. Make magic. ✓

11. Write, every day. (Sort of every day. I wrote every day in spirit, so ✓.)

12. Read, when I get the chance. ✓✓ (I read a lot this year, Harry Potter #1, #2, #3, #4, and #5, and the Sword of Truth #3, #4, and #5. Highly recommend them all.)

13. Be awesome, always. ✓ ✓ ✓

14. Spread the awesomeness. ✓ (In the form of love, smiles, and cookies, @AuthorELance, @InkSligners2011.)

15. Treat myself once in a while. ✓ (I went to the movies, ate some chocolate, took a long, relaxing bath.)

16. See Star Wars. ✓ (first thing I got done, documented here.)

17. Try some new recipes. ✓ (Sneaked that in right at the last minute: I made white chocolate macadamia cookies for the first time yesterday 😉 )

18. Make new friends. ✓ (Irina, Brandon, Spencer, Gen, Jessica, Sally, to name a few.)

19. Eat good food. ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ (there are not enough ticks that I could put next to this.)

20. and chocolate! ✓ ✓ ✓

21. Do my part to help make the world a better place, before or after taking it over is fine. (I’d like to think my existence contributed positively to the world and the lives of at least some of the people in it, so ✓.)


Whew! That was a year –  and not that bad, really. I still have to find my dragon, but that was a pretty stiff target.

I hope everyone got to put at least a few ✓ ✓ ✓ on their list of conquests, resolutions, to-do list, or bucket list.

Now, I can’t just rest on my laurels, got to get started on my New Year’s Resolutions for 2017…stay tuned  for that 🙂

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the parties, toast to something worthwhile, and kiss the person of your dreams at midnight! For auld lang syne, peace and love,

❤ ❤ DragonBeck

The Translator

The last ISG meeting was a load of fun, as usual. The table is getting too small – there was hardly enough room for my treats amongst the tea pot, the cups, and all the computers. But we managed somehow 🙂

Many great things are on the horizon as this year draws to a close (it’s the middle of November already!! Yikes!) and a new one opens before us. Most of it involves copious quantities of writing, so my news may be scarce and scrawny. Bear with me, and it will be worth it, I promise.

Here are the writing exercise from the meeting. A continuance was in order, as you’ll see. Enjoy!


silky, petrify (my word), microwave,

Put under a red moon in the microwave door to the best silky. Beil looked down, and squinted at what he had just read. The others were staring at him with uncertain expressions.

“What was that?” Heidi asked, a polite frown on her face.

Haam was a more direct. “Are you sure you translated that correctly?” he demanded. “Give that to me.”

The much bigger man snatched the paper from Beil, who stood as if petrified. Beil watched Haam glare at the message, challenging it with his bright blue eyes to give up its secrets. One day, Beil told himself in a furious but silent voice, one day I’m going to prove that I’m of some use to this expedition.

He glanced around at the others in the group, and tried not to feel inferior and worthless. Heidi was a magnificent witch, whose spells could protect the whole group even if they were under goblin attack. Haam was the best warrior in the six realms, and was proficient in the sword, bow, and hammer, all of which he carried on his person. There was Dorn, the tracker, Yelda, the seer, and Jaim, the Guardian of the Talisman.

Then there was Beil, of no great talent and no apparent value. __________________________________________

dictator, roam, apple

Beil watched Haam continue to glare at the paper, feeling more and more irritated at the whole world as the big man just stood there without saying a word. Beil was more scared of Haam than he would be of any cruel dictator, but if this continued, they would be standing here for the next three days as the warrior refused to give in and refused to grant quarter.

“Um, Haam?” Beil stepped forward in timid steps. “I’ve had an idea…”

He stopped suddenly, starting at Haam. Beil expected the man’s eyes to be be roaming the paper, searching for clues in the writing, but they were fixed, glassy, and blank. A lump the size of an apple obstructed anything but a soft gurgle coming from Beil, but his terrified look and shaking finger alerted the others to the problem.

A scuffle ensued as Dorn and Jaim attempted to wrestle the paper from Haam’s frozen fingers, and Heidi cast spells of protection and exorcism, all to no avail. Somehow, in the middle of the ruckus, Beil managed to wriggle through and snatch the paper from the bigger man. At once the spell was broken, but it took a while for them to notice Haam was now fine, and that Beil was holding the paper.

“You shouldn’t be touching that,” Heidi warned. “And don’t look at it.”

“He’s fine,” Haam frowned. “And he was trying to read it for a very long time before.”

Despite the insult, Beil felt a sense of satisfaction. At last, some use.


I’ve still got a few more sneak peeks lined up for book III of the Guardians of the Path, Omens,  now avaialble for pre-sale on amazon, and I’ll try to keep up the updates, but I’ve got a lot of work to do. No rest for the wicked, you know 😉

Until then,

Rock on!

❤ DragonBeck

ISG 5th Anniversary Edition Celebration

The incredible, indelible, and intrepid Ink Slingers Guild held our Annual Anthology Party to celebrate the 5th Anniversary Anthology Serenity Rising!

It was the most fun a writer could have: hanging out with amazing authors, eating a lot of food, signing books with amazing stories – one of which they wrote – and toasting and making speeches. Okay, I might be kidding on that last one a bit, but Lisa was brilliant (you can read the text of her speech at the beginning of the book) and I did manage to come up with something to add on the fly and off the cuff (how do I get myself into these things??) which amounted to I love you guys!

Highlights include, but are not limited to, cake:


And an awesome banner with balloons (and awesome people):


At the end, we chose the words for 2017, tryst, bludgeon, and bloodless (and the title, but that’s a secret to be revealed at a later time):


You can look forward to reading those stories at the end of next year, and in the meantime, get your copy of the latest book of stories; each is an adventure, so sit back and enjoy as the Ink Slingers Guild take you to the Serenity Rising.

As always, more to come soon,

❤ ❤ ❤ DragonBeck

A Sort of Creepy Halloween Story

Hello world – I am rejoicing as the nice weather descends, at least in Florida, for a few short breaths 🙂

The last ISG meeting was very productive – let me see, we have our fifth annual anthology out any day now (with a bonus Halloween story!), the third novel in the Guardians of the Path series due out late November, the 23rd if memory serves, and several other exciting things in the cards and up our sleeves.

And in honor of the upcoming holiday, more by accident than design, all my writing exercises fit together for another nice little sort of creepy Halloween story. So, without further ado, enjoy!


(and once again I’ve forgotten which word was mine. I think it was in the second exercise.)

pumpkin, mere, frisky,

The wind was rather frisky, and it tried to get into his coat as it danced
through the graveyard. Alan shivered, and put his hands deeper into his pocket.
“I don’t think he’s coming,” he muttered to Henry. “We can go home now.”
Henry shook his head, eyes never leaving the misty surface of the mere.
Moonlight made faces in the grey swirls, and twice Alan thought that the old man
was there, but then the fog shifted and the apparition was gone. Alan shifted,
and fought the urge to shiver. He looked over at Henry, who was standing there
with grim determination, arms clasped around the biggest pumpkin they could
Mr. Mcleary, who tended the graveyard, had promised them fifty dollars if they
brought him a pumpkin. In the daylight, that had sounded like a really good
idea, but at twilight on a cloudy night, more sinister thoughts began to plague
“Henry, let’s just forget it,” he said suddenly and quite urgently. “Let’s go
Henry was going to shake his head again, but then his eyes widened. Alan turned
to see Mr. Mcleary emerging from the gloom. In his hand was a long silver knife.
black, condescending, tingle

Alan didn’t notice himself move closer to Henry, or that he had removed his
hands from his pocket to grab Henry’s arm in a bone-crushing grip. The boys
stood there, frozen with fear, as Mr. Mcleary came towards them. He stopped, and
gestured with the knife. Alan moaned. The old man gave him a condescending
glare, and gestured with the knife again.
“Hand it over, then,” he called out, his voice low and raspy.
He had wild silver hair, and wore a long black jacket. Definitely serial killer
type Alan’s panicked mind gibbered at him. Mr. Mcleary grew impatient.
“Come on, come on, I don’t have all night,” he said.
Henry dropped the pumpkin, bent to retrieve it and walked towards the man with
hesitant steps. Alan was dragged along by his unwillingness to let go of Henry’s
“Are you crazy?” he muttered. Something sharp and acidic tingled in his nose.
Mr. Mcleary started and looked around.
“Hurry up boy!” he barked. “Unless you want them to get you!”
“What is he talking about?” Alan said.
“I think he might be talking about those,” Henry replied, nodding at the dark
disfigured shapes lurking behind the pale tombstones.

gnash, whip, vent,

“What are those?” Alan cried out.
“Something that has never left anyone alive to name them,” Mr. Mcleary said.
“Now if you will please hand me that pumpkin, I’ll just get to work on saving
all our lives.”
Henry’s steps were much faster and more eager. Alan’s fingers had gone slack,
and he stood there, his arm falling limply to his side, eyes fixed on the
gruesome things coming towards them with gnashing teeth and whipping tails.
Before his heart stopped dead in his chest, Alan turned and stumbled after
Henry, who had delivered the orange gourd to Mr. Mcleary.
The strange old man was kneeling on the ground, silver knife flashing in the
pale moonlight. He used his hand to scoop out the insides, and threw the goopey
mess over his shoulder without a look. More swift slashes with the knife, and
then he reached into his coat and drew something out. He fitted it into the
pumpkin, and drew back, grinning. A glowing jack-o’-lantern grinned back at him,
venting bright light out of its crude yet strangely cheery mouth.
“What is that for?” Henry asked, his voice much calmer than Alan felt.
“That is to scare them off,” Mr. Mcleary said, rising to his feet. He was right
– the figures had stopped their advancement, contained by the flickering light.
“But it won’t hold them for long.”


Happy Halloween month! Be nice to the ghosts and goblins!

❤ DragonBeck

DragonBeck *Ria’s Mark* Release Party

Ria’s Mark, book two of the Guardians of the Path series, was published on 27 May 2016.

Naturally, there had to be a party to celebrate.

It was a very nice affair, and, not going to lie, much less stressful than the first one, probably because I almost knew what I was doing this time!

We had two posters this time, and pretty gold and green decorations:

decorations 1

I got flowers!

Flowers 3   flowers 4

(Thank you Zhenya and Alexey, and Bonnie! I ❤ you)

And presents!


(Truth on a magnet.)


(A fabulous pen made the writer in me swoon.)

dragon 6

(The worlds cutest dragon.)

Awesome people, friends, and fans were in attendance (with the pile of presents bestowed upon me on this occasion):


Including a wonderful and delicious cake, made by my friend Amanda, featuring the cover of Ria’s Mark:

IMG_0044  IMG_0040

Guests were encouraged to enter the raffle, featuring Guardians (Gargoyles Den Book One) by Lisa Barry, and Klauden’s Ring (Klauden’s Ring Saga Book 1) by JM Paquette, and to give story starters for Stories My Friends Started (we got so many; look for the stories coming soon!):


There were several readings (by yours truly this time!) of some of the Stories My Friends Started which I wrote:

Reading IMG_20160605_093312

More or less on time, Lisa Barry of Witching Hour Publishing gave a toast:

IMG_0013  IMG_0014

Then my friend and fellow author, Erika Lance, wanted to say a few words:

Erika toast

(I’m pretty sure this picture sums up our entire relationship ❤ )

And then the author herself was encouraged to say a few words, which she did, off the cuff, and wasn’t bad. The gist of the speech was “This endeavor was a lot of fun, thank you for being here to help me celebrate, and I hope to see you for the next one!”:


Then there was the raffle drawing (congrats to Lea and Lucy, who won), and cake, because really, what is a party without cake (with Ria’s Mark itself done on the top in strawberries):

IMG_0030  IMG_20160604_133353

All in all, it was an immensely satisfying event, and everyone had a lot of fun. I would like to give a big thank you to Lisa and Court at Witching Hour for all the hard work they put into making Ria’s Mark happen – I am incredibly thankful for you guys, and literally couldn’t do it without you.

Thanks also are due to my parents and my sister, for their support, and their help setting up the party: cleaning, decorations, food, and photos.

And thank you once again to everyone who made the time to come, show interest in and support for my artistic endeavor; it would be a rather sad and pointless affair writing a book which no one read, and I truly appreciate it – you guys rock (when I’m throwing release parties in exotic places like New York, L.A., or London, you guys are getting plant tickets and VIP seats)!!


(My favorite photo from the evening – I don’t believe I’ve been photobombed before, and with my book to boot, so that’s a first – thanks Rob.)

You can purchase your copies of the Guardians of the Path book one First Magyc and book two Ria’s Mark in ebook or print-on-demand on amazon. Enjoy, don’t forget to leave me a review, and I hope to see you down the road in the not-too-distant-future!

❤ DragonBeck




This blog post is so full of continuations….

Both book covers

…the most important one being, of course, the continuation of the Guardians of the Path series (drum roll) – Ria’s Mark is offically published on!!!!

You can get your ebook or print-on-demand copy here.

And, at the last Ink Slingers Guild Meeting, we were very productive with our writing exercises. I managed to continue the same story through *four* exercises. In true cliff-hanger style, you get half now, half later. Enjoy!

sparkle, chip (my word), furtive

Temin looked around at the guests and tried to hide his smile. A furtive sparkle
made his face light up, and he quickly took a sip of something pink and sweet.
He saw he wasn’t quite fast enough when Drina sidled up to him.
“Enjoying yourself?” she asked. She looked stunning in a blue dress studded with
chips of diamond which revealed one slender leg.
“Oh, it’s alright, as far as parties go,” Temin answered.
“I could tell them all who you are,” Drina told him. “Then you might not be
laughing so hard.”
“I’m not laughing at all,” Temin said. “And they wouldn’t believe you even if
you did tell them.”
“What are you doing here?” she demanded, her pretty face marred by a scowl that
would send an Ironclad Barbarian fleeing in terror. “When are you going to leave
me alone?”
“Narcissism doesn’t become you,” Temin said. “I really don’t care that you’re
here at all.”
Drina crossed her arms. “Really?” she said, drawing out the word.
“Yes, actually,” Temin said.
He put his arm around her shoulders and turned her so she faced the fountain.
The water spouted out in arcs colored with blue and purple light. “You see that
one there, standing just by the swan? I think she’s much more suitable, don’t
Drina narrowed her eyes, trying to see which party guest he was referring to.
When her eyes lit on the young woman under the swan, she gasped and pulled away
from him.
“You wouldn’t dare,” she said.
“Wouldn’t I?” he replied. With a smile, he sauntered towards the fountain.
ginger, plate, door

Temin made his way through the people laughing and talking about the latest
fashion or some other pointless topic to the fountain. The young woman was
standing along, looking about with a light in her eye that Temin desired very
much. At last, someone with something more between their ears than
thrice-ruminated gossip.
Her ginger hair fell over her shoulder, and her skin was like porcelain. She
looked up with polite interest when Temin stepped in front of her.
“Good evening,” he greeted her. “Isn’t it a lovely party?”
The girl shrugged. “I’ve not been to many, so I really couldn’t say.” Temin
almost swooned. A server walked by with a plate of something frilly and mostly
tasteless. Temin waved him away.
“So what are you doing here?” he asked.
“None of your business,” a curt voice interrupted. Drina interposed herself
between Temin and the girl. “Would you like me to show you where the door is?”
she said.
“Oh, that won’t be necessary,” Temin said. “I could just conjure one up if I
need to.”
Drina paled at the threat, but she did not back down. “You need to leave.”
“I will do so in my own time,” Temin said, thunder building in his eyes.
He took a deep breath, and made an effort to calm himself. He put on a bright
smile and gestured to the garden. “Perhaps we can talk about this, in a
civilized manner, in private?”
Drina glared at him, but after a glance at the girl, she gave a nod. Temin
smiled. Interesting, he thought, as he followed the woman into the darkness.
Very interesting.

More soon,

❤ DragonBeck

T-minus less than two days

Hello there! T-minus less than two days until the second installment of the Guardians of the Path series is available!!

Both book covers

(they look good together, don’t they??)

May 27th is just around the corner. Ria’s Mark will be released, and this author’s pre-release anxiety can cease 😉

Goodreads giveaway of First Magyc is closed. Congrats to the winners, and I hope you enjoy the book! Twitter promotion started a couple days ago – hoping for amazing results. I’ve heard my editor is half-way through book three, so I’ve got to put a fire under my bottom on the first draft of book four, amongst other writing projects, life, and the occasional dragon break-down. Planning on the release party is also being done.

All in all, everything’s going well, I’m still alive, and I’m fairly optimistic about the near future!

Peace and love,

❤ ❤ ❤ DragonBeck

Writers Meeting

We had our fortnightly meeting of the Ink Slingers this past Wednesday. Our lovey Commander In Chief and Den Mother was away, probably doing top secret things involving gargoyles in the mountains of Romania (otherwise known as the Transylvanian Alps) which look something like this:

romania mountain

(picture from this website:

– so we had a deputy Den Mother chair the meeting, who had the most amazing selection of tea I have ever seen outside of a grocery store. I usually have Bengal Spice, but I went for a different flavor this time, and opted for the blueberry tea. It was quite delicious, and the best part was I had my own personal tea pot, with a matching mug.

In other news, the Goodreads giveaway of First Magyc continues for another 6 days. Enter for a chance to win a signed copy here!

And the release of Book Two, Ria’s Mark is coming up on May 27 (less than 2 weeks away!!). I’m very excited 😀

And that brings us to the fruits of the meeting. Here are my exercises from the meeting – I think I alarmed Alanna with my sudden outburst of evil laughter between #1 and #2, when I found out the words the others had chosen, and realized that I could continue the story 😉

frustrated, specialize, peruse
(my word),

Tera continued her search, despite being increasingly frustrated. As the hours
stretched on, she began to be less and less discerning, until she was simply
perusing the shelves. In all the tomes and books and scrolls, the diary was not
Tera sighed, and pushed her hair out of her face. It was stuffy down here, the
stale air choking her with each breath. But she couldn’t give up now, not after
coming this far. She looked to the next shelf and her jaw dropped. It was there,
sitting there as if her mind had conjured it.
Tera reached out, her hand trembling, unsure if she should touch it. In every
field, there were those who specialized in certain elements of those fields.
When some one specialized further, in an element of an element of an element of
an element of a field of study or practice, either madness or mind-boggling
power resulted. The book before her now, held either.
Or both, she thought. Uncle Henry hadn’t been too lucid or normal in his last
few years. Perhaps it was better if she just left it where it was.

purse, shade, mirror,

Tera placed the large leather purse on the ground, then massaged her aching
shoulder. She had hiked into the woods so far it should be impossible for any
unsuspecting person to find her. But she knew how these things went, so she
hiked a few more miles just to be sure. It was probably her imagination, but the
diary was making that bag incredibly heavy.
After she had stretched out the tightness of her muscles, she began to pull out
the supplies she had carefully gathered. The mirror, the glass of shade,
summer’s last rose, and the other things the spell had specified.
Last of all she pulled out the diary. Though it was no thicker than her thumb,
it seemed one could turn pages forever without reaching the end. That was only
one of the things that made the diary hold no little terror for her. Still, she
had to do this.
She opened it to the page she had marked with a yellow sticker. The spell was
written in her uncle’s messy scrawl, but it was easy for her eyes to follow it.
She put the spell together, said the required words and waited for the spell to
take effect. When it did, it was nothing even close to what she had expected, or
mechanical, steam, buttons (my word),

Harry looked at the mechanical monster steaming and huffing in front of him.
“What do you think?!” Ole Timothy yelled, capering about in delight. He was
covered in grease and his hair stood on end. He looked like an enraged monkey.
“It’s lovely,” Harry said. “What is it?”
“I haven’t named it yet,” Old Timothy cackled. “I was thinking of calling it
“But what does it do?” Harry asked, having to raise his voice over the screech
of the thing’s gears and pistons.
“Oh, let me show you!”
Harry was already regretting his question when the thing started to move. It
lurched one way, then the other. The left foot went out, then back, and the
right foot repeated it. Harry moved his gaze between the metal monster and Ole
Timothy, who was controlling the thing with a flat panel covered with buttons
with strange symbols written on them. It took Harry a while to realize the thing
was dancing, or at least attempting to.
“That’s really great, Tim,” he said. “Really fine. I meant, does it do anything
Ole Timothy put down the remote and the monster fell still. The old man stepped
close to Harry, his eyes gleaming and a slightly manic grin pulling his face out
of proportion. “Useful? Useful, you say? Let me show you.”


Hope you enjoyed! See you sometime in the not too distant future,

❤ DragonBeck