DragonBeck *First Magyc* release party, part I: Preparation

Hello all ūüôā

I have been a little short on posts lately, but my excuse is that I have been very busy with preparation for:

The release party of The Guardians of the Path: First Magyc!!!

It went off amazingly this past Saturday. In compliance with the order on pain of death request of my editor, who wasn’t able to make it due to the fact that she was in New Hampshire, I have chronicled the event in photos, and will share them in a two-part blog.

The event actually commenced a week ago with the making of the decorations. Do you see the brilliant color composition of the book and streamers? (This is my favorite picture, by the way. I think it’s epic.)


Then my sister (and self-appointed PR agent) printed up invitations to the monumentous event. They even had a picture of a dragon:



There were epic bookmarks:



And a genuine author signing poster:



As was only fitting, dragons guarded the signing table, where the author was also giving away a free hug with every autograph (only one person noticed this and requested said hug).

Dragons, books, and hugs oh my!

The whole place was arranged very nicely, I thought:


Prep 03


We built a display tower of books, upon cloth of gold…

Tower of books


…to which we added a raffle:

Display and raffle


And here are more books. We had many books. Actually we only had one book, but we had many copies of that book, and we put them around in various aesthetic positions:

Prep 04


People were around to take pictures of the author before the hoards of adoring fans arrived (with the publisher working in the background, mid raffle setup):

Author 01


(and the brother chilling in the background, mid The Fast and The Furious).

Author 02

And beside the epic tower of books….

Author and display


And the final shot of the decoration set-up, with food laid out, ready to be served. I bought gold balloons. The went perfectly with my epic First Magyc color-coordinated streamers.

Prep 01


Now the only thing left was the guests…