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I’ve been rather quiet here of late, working on epic things in my hobbit hole, and I am very pleased to poke my head up for a brief moment to let you know that Book 5 of the Guardians of the Path series Wasteland now has an official release date:


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* * * *    29th November 2018    * * * *

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If this is the first you are hearing of this epic fantasy series, set in a world where music is magyc, and magyc is under attack by Sorcerers and Demons, check out the first books here.


People say very good things about it, like:



In the meantime, I have to go back to my little hobbit hole and keep my nose to the grindstone – books don’t write and publish themselves.


Keep an eye out for some sneak peeks, giveaways, and other cool stuff, and may the Path keep you and yours!


❤ DragonBeck



chain, math (my word, inspired by, you guessed it, Alanna), petticoat (had to look that one up)


“What is this thing?” Trina grumbled as the mounds of fluffy white entrapments
were pulled over her head and down to her waist.
“They call it a petticoat. It goes over the knickers and under the skirt,” Berra
said as she thrust a pink monstrosity with too much lace at Trina.
Trina took it and held it out as far as she could, as if she could avoid the
humiliation if she didn’t let it touch her. She preferred chain mail and
leather. What had her life come to?
“Why are we doing this?” she asked in a petulant voice as Berra found a pair of
soft slippers, and something that looked like a tadpole, with a curved tail.
“Do the math,” Berra replied, her voice patient, though her wary eyes kept
darting to the door, fearing to be found out at any moment. “This is what people
wear in this realm. If we were to stand out, or look out of place, Lord
Blackthorn and his usurping thugs would have us in an instant. Instead, we have
to blend in and bide our time. Make friends, secure our position, and then, when
it suits us, we will make our move…”
“And cut out his still beating heart from his chest and send his head on a pick
to that ogre in fair form that sits on our father’s throne,” Trina finished with
“Yes, but don’t talk like that, I don’t think they’ll like it, and you have to
wear your hair like this, or they’ll be able to see your ears,” Berra had
started fussing with Trina’s blond tresses.
“What’s wrong with my ears?” Trina demanded as she managed to unfurl the tadpole
and found it to be some sort of lacy shield. “And what is this?”
“It’s called a parasol, and there’s nothing wrong with your ears,” Berra assured
her. “But have you seen what their ears look like here?”


That’s all for now, folks! If you’re interested in reading more, check out the Stories My Friends Started site, and if you’re into a full-length fantasy novel, check out the Guardians of the Path series!

❤ DragonBeck

Looking for this?

After the fortnightly Ink Slingers Guild meeting happened eight days ago, I’ve been writing away on the next installments of the Guardians of the Path novels, but I’ll take a break for a few minutes to fulfill another conquest from that meeting.

It was good fun per usual – I think my tweet about sums it up:

Here’s the first exercise of the evening!


stuffy, cold, perceive,

The tomb was stuffy and cold. Linda couldn’t help imagining dead, rotting fingers groping for her, eye-less skulls grinning at her as she walked to her doom. Her hand trembled as she held out the torch. The passage seemed endless, foot after foot of stone. She passed little alcoves, some with coffins, some empty, and tried to walk faster. Then she ran up against a dead end, a wall of brick.
She dug the instructions out of her bag, and held it up in the light. Then she counted the bricks ten rows up, and four in, and gave it a solid shove. Something sucked it back into whatever lay behind the wall. Linda made a face, and reached into the hole it left, feeling around for the key.
Her fingertips perceived rough gouges in the stone, as if a hand with claws had been doing exactly what she was doing now. She leaned further in, now in the hole up to her elbow. Now her imaginings turned to razor sharp teeth tearing her flesh…she pulled away, shaking. It was empty.
“Looking for this?” a voice behind her growled.

❤ DragonBeck

Final ISG Meeting of 2015

(or in other words “Where did the year go?”)

Yes, it is true. Last Wednesday was the Final ISG Meeting of 2015.


We did our usual: drank tea and had a lot of fun. In amongst a few soppy moments, we looked over our progress of this last year towards total world domination, such as four of our members releasing novels [First Magyc by yours truly, Klauden’s Ring by JM Paquette, My Home on Whore Island by Dalia Lance, and The Guardians by Lisa Barry (no connection to my story 😉 )], and the release of  the fourth annual ISG anthology, Bent Horizons.


Then we plotted out the final steps to achieving said domination in the upcoming year. All very exciting plots and plans, which I will let you in on in good time 🙂

We also did our writing exercises. I give you a doppelgänger, an accidental murder, and a strange food called pizza, all with a splash of surprise and magic. Please savour these.

Duplicity, yank, toenails.

Miranda stirred the bright vermilion potion, watching the white monkey’s
toenails dissolve with a hiss. Then she added the heart of a pheasant, two
phoenix eggs, and a pinch of stardust. Glancing at her worn spell-book resting
on the table beside the cauldron, the young witch went through the spell of
duplicity one last time, mentally checking off each step.
She had started the brew under a blue moon, adding the quartz and dragon’s blood
to spring water taken from the First Garden. It had simmered for a fortnight,
then she had carefully added one drop of summer sun each day for ten days. When
it glowed golden, the final ingredients were added.
Miranda looked down at the lump of shadow and dropped it into the cast-iron pot.
It fell heavier than she had expected something as light as a shadow should,
splashing her hand with the bubbling liquid and she yanked her hand away,
frantically rubbing it against her robes to remove any trace of the potion.
The potion itself swirled into an inky soup, then burst out into a bright silver
glow. The witch scooped out a ladle-ful, blew on it to cool it down, took a deep
breath, then downed it all in one gulp. After her head cleared and she was sure
the dizziness wouldn’t cause her to fall into something and break it, she looked
Miranda found herself gazing into her own large green eyes, except the pupil was
milky-white and slitted, and when her double smiled, the teeth were sharp and
red as blood.
sink, wish, murder,

Jansen washed his hands, scrubbing hard and trying not to notice the reddish
water running out of the sink. If he had one wish, it would be to undo the
events of this night, so he could go back and do what had to be done and do it
right. It wasn’t supposed to end up like this.
A knock at the door made his heart start pounding again. He wasn’t ready to deal
with them yet. The knocking continued, echoing the sound of his heart as he
finished cleaning his hands, then started on his forearms, all the way to his
elbows. He took a towel and slowly dried himself, stalling for time. When the
knocking sounded as though it was really going to break the door in, he walked
over and opened it, putting on his most serene face.
Three of the ugliest faces in the kingdom stared back at him. The troll princes,
whose names Jansen could never remember, and he wouldn’t have been able to put
the names to the faces anyway, all tried to shove through the door at the same
time. Jansen sighed and sent a small prayer of thanks to whichever god had made
trolls so quarrelsome. They were so busy fighting among themselves that there
was still a chance that they wouldn’t notice what Jansen had done, thereby
saving him the trouble of adding them to the first murder of the night. Granted,
it had been an accident, but that wasn’t his way. Jansen looked up at the
largest troll, looming over the man in his own small welcome room, and blinked
“Yes?” he said.
“What happened to Dersstern?” the troll growled. “We didn’t see him at the war
Jansen retracted his thankful prayer. It looked like there was going to be some
more washing up to do later this evening.
Pizza, humble, surprise,

Jadae bit into the strange food the strange man had given to her in his strange
house in the strange land she had found herself in on this very strange day.
“What did you say this was?” she said, looking at him as she chewed slowly and
“Pizza!” he said with a happy grin. “Do you like it?”
Jadae considered. “It is hot,” she said at last. “What do you have to drink?” ”
“Oh, right!” the man said. “Try this!”
He handed her a glass of a strange liquid.
“What is this?”
“It is a surprise, but you’ll like it,” he hastened to assure her.
She took a very small sip. It bit her tongue, but was sweet, and tingled in her
nose. He burst out laughing at her expression.
“It’s Coke,” he explained.
“What is that?” she asked again.
“We don’t really know, but we just like to drink it,” he said. “Strange,” Jadae
muttered to herself.
She stood, the barely touched stuff he called food sitting on the plate. “I have
to return to my home now,” she said. “I can be delayed no further.”
“My humble abode isn’t that interesting to someone from a land of mystery and
magic?” he said, his face drooping. “No, it’s fine, I can understand that.”
Jadae shifted uncomfortably. She had no ideas of the customs or etiquette in
this land. All she knew was she had to get home.
“I offer great thanks,” she tried, putting on her most formal manner in hope
that he stop looking hurt. “But I really must go.”
She started for the door, placing her hand on the strange handle, but it shocked
her with a force that she did not expect at all. Magic. She turned to the man
who had found her, taken her in, and tried to help her. He was watching her with
a smile, but now a darkness in his eyes made him look sinister.
“You cannot leave now Jadae. You cannot leave now, or ever,” he said, his smile
widening, and the fairy creature shrank from the sound of her name on his lips.

I hope you heeded my words and savored those, because there will be no more writing exercises to share until 6 January 2016. If you did not heed my advice, feel free to go back and reread them.

In the intervening time, I will be writing, rewriting, and editing further books in the Guardians of the Path series, namely book two Ria’s Mark and book three (working title) Omens. Also, I will be devising a devious scheme to see The Force Awakens some time shortly after its release without getting trampled by mad Star Wars geeks and fans. I’m very excited about all of this!

I do promise to pop out every once in a while to say “Hi!” and perhaps add something else entertaining 🙂

Until then,

May the Force be with you!

❤ DragonBeck