Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

Wishing everyone a very, very Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you have many wonderful things to be thankful for, and remember that no matter where we are today, we can always work towards making a better tomorrow!

“In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.” – Abraham Lincoln

❤ DragonBeck


Happy Thanksgiving

On the occasion of this holiday, I’d like to take a moment to say how thankful I am for all my friends and family, all the good people of the world, and the artists, the writers, the musicians, the poets, and the dreamers – this world would be so much less without you in it, so thank you for existing, and for doing what you do.

Happy Thanksgiving!

❤ ❤ ❤ DragonBeck

P.S. For my extended thoughts on the matter, which have not changed, see my previous blog here 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving!

Okay, this is going to be a little corny and sentimental, but a little corn never hurt anyone (as long as it’s not GMO).

So here goes: in accordance with the holiday, I am going to take this opportunity to share the things that I am thankful for, those things being:

the big, floating, spinning ball of rock that I find myself on at this moment in time. It’s a pretty incredible place to live if you think about it – terrible sometimes, but beautiful and nurturing for the most part. Our lovely blue-green marble with its breathable air and drinkable water and farmable land is a gift which is taken for granted much of the time, but would make life unbearable if all of it suddenly disappeared. Thank you to whomever put it here in the first place and those that take care of it and work to keep it the way it was meant to be – green and clean

the United States of America. I know things are in a pretty sorry condition and rapidly deteriorating, but we have at least a concept and history of liberty, which many places don’t have. We have a foundation, albeit an eroding foundation, but a foundation nonetheless of freedom and opportunity. We can still mention things like “Ron Paul” “Constitution” “Freedom of speech” and “The right to keep and bear arms”. We still have the right to association and to assembly, to form our own groups for our own purposes; the freedom of religion and the right to practice whichever faith we choose. And many others. In remembrance of our Founding Fathers who created this great country two hundred plus years ago and the people in the present who continue to make this a truly great country, thank you.

the British with their policemen, the Germans with their mechanical skill, the French and their impressive culinary skills, the Swiss and their management sensibilities, the Italians and their passion and all other nationalities, races and cultures with all their numerous traditions, skills and contributions in making this world a little less like hell and a little more like heaven. Thank you, danke, merci, grazie, xie xie, tak, arigato, kamsa hamnida, dziekuje, spasibo, multumesc, gracias, obrigada, go raibh maith agaibh, chokrane, faleminderit, toda, dankie, asante sana, enkosi, ngiyabonga

the good people who do good things, even when they don’t have to. The one who helps a stranger, who smiles just to brighten another’s day, who opens the door for another, the person who tutors the struggling child, the one who lends a hand or a shoulder or hug when it’s needed and not just when it’s asked for, who shares their umbrella or lets someone pass in front or go ahead of them, who treat others as they would like to be treated and don’t do to others the things they would not like to have happen to them. The world would be a far worse place if not for all of you, so thank you.

the people who maintain the infrastructure, the roads, the bridges, the sewers, the libraries, and the parks, the people who deliver the post and take away our trash, the people who work to provide water and electricity, the people who fix the broken things, grow the food, who fly the planes and drive the buses and trains that get everyone where they need to go – in short, all the people who keep this world running with their time, effort and diligence, who are not often thought about unless they are NOT there – thank you.

the people who create the future: the leaders, the teachers, the artists, painters, musicians, sculptures, writers, actors, photographers, the dreamers, the DOERS, and lessons they impart, the amazing songs they play, the works of art that brighten the whole world, the inspiring photographs they take, the awesome movies they make, the books and stories and other worlds they create and transport us to. They deserve a huge “Thank you!” for if not for them where on earth would we be going?

and last but hardly least, to every one of my friends and family who make my life so much more interesting, chaotic, amazing and fulfilling than I could ever manage to do on my own. At times I believe I may have hinted at how wonderful you all are, but I really want to make the point here and now. You really are wonderful. All your quirks, habits, personalities, quips, jokes, advice, praise, admiration, help, smiles, support, joys, successes, dreams, goals, ideas, everything, are truly appreciated and absolutely invaluable. I am a big fan of words, but sometimes even words seem too paltry to accurately communicate the concept and emotion of how much I love you. I am thankful you are here and thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for being here

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Peace and love,

❤ DragonBeck