Serenity Rising

ISG 5th Anniversary Edition Celebration

The incredible, indelible, and intrepid Ink Slingers Guild held our Annual Anthology Party to celebrate the 5th Anniversary Anthology Serenity Rising!

It was the most fun a writer could have: hanging out with amazing authors, eating a lot of food, signing books with amazing stories – one of which they wrote – and toasting and making speeches. Okay, I might be kidding on that last one a bit, but Lisa was brilliant (you can read the text of her speech at the beginning of the book) and I did manage to come up with something to add on the fly and off the cuff (how do I get myself into these things??) which amounted to I love you guys!

Highlights include, but are not limited to, cake:


And an awesome banner with balloons (and awesome people):


At the end, we chose the words for 2017, tryst, bludgeon, and bloodless (and the title, but that’s a secret to be revealed at a later time):


You can look forward to reading those stories at the end of next year, and in the meantime, get your copy of the latest book of stories; each is an adventure, so sit back and enjoy as the Ink Slingers Guild take you to the Serenity Rising.

As always, more to come soon,

❤ ❤ ❤ DragonBeck

Doorways and Candles

Greetings world 🙂

The last ISG meeting was quite momentous as our fearless leader revealed the print book proof for our fifth – yes, that is five years running – anthology, entitled Serenity Rising (available on ).  My banana bread went down well, so well, in fact, that fearless leader didn’t have a chance to have a piece before it was gone! We also had more newbies amongst us; at this rate, we’ll have an even ratio between men and women sometime before the year 2109 😉

Anyway, we are growing and succeeding and generally being awesome, and we’ll be entertaining you with more of our imagination and wordsmithing in the not-too-distant future (and shortly after that we’ll take over the world).

Here are the first two of my writing exercises from the meeting, intentionally unrelated, and the most major accomplishment: I remembered which words were mine!!


futile (my word), candle, buffalo,

Handur sat on the rug and tried to stop being nervous but everything he did was
as futile as the last, and the butterflies in his stomach continued to writhe.
His head jerked up when someone entered the tent, and immediately sat up
straighter. The butterflies turned into stampeding buffalo, and his heart
thundered in his chest, loud enough – he was certain – to be heard.
The old woman carried a fat candle with a blue flame, the light from which made
her look like a creature from another world. Without a word, she sat down
opposite Handur and smiled at him.
“You look worried,” she commented in a voice like warm sandpaper.
Handur swallowed, and vacillated between admitting his terror and attempting to
appear composed. The woman searched his face for a moment longer, and her smile
“This won’t work if you attempt to mislead me, you know,” she reminded him.
Handur nodded, and clenched his jaw.
“Now, you have brought what I asked for?” she said.
He nodded again, and stretched out his hand. In his palm was the tooth of the
monster, the tooth he had pulled from the broken body under the rubble of what
used to be his home.
cramp, unconditionally, flickering

The fairy witch looked at him with cold, unflinching eyes, the spell scroll
gripped tightly in her hands.
“And the last thing necessary for this is that your intentions are pure,
unconditionally so,” she said, her voice thundering through the dark stone room.
Olivia knelt, her legs almost numb, and a cramp sticking up her side, but she
did not look away from the frightening gaze of the magic creature, and nodded.
At that precise moment her intentions could not have been purer. All she wanted
was Jonathan back, and she was prepared to do anything to have that happen,
including giving up the untouchable treasure of the Star Realm.
“Then it is done!” the witch cried, and the parchment burst into purple and
black flames, flickering around her body but not burning her.
Olivia however was consumed in pain that felt as though she had been tossed onto
a bonfire, the heat disintegrating her flesh to ashes. The only reason she knew
this wasn’t so was because the pain didn’t stop, it just went on and on. The
high voice of the witch chanting scraped over her ears, and just when she
thought she could take no more, the flames parted, revealing the doorway.

Hope you enjoyed that!

For more awesome stories you can get your copy of the Ink Slingers Guild’s fifth annual anthology Serenity Rising in paperback and ebook on 🙂

❤ DragonBeck